“A blog you should all be reading”

— 3:AM Magazine

“Expansive and enlightening, Rhys Tranter’s site is a feast for the enquiring mind.”

— Stuart Evers, author of Your Father Sends His Love

“When I am lost, or stuck, Rhys Tranter’s website points me in the right direction. In my opinion it is the research tool in critical theory happening online today. From an insightful and judicious platform of Beckettian study, theory and opinion springs a treasure trove of possibilities.”

— Lee Rourke, author of Vulgar Things and other novels

“Rhys Tranter is that friend when nausea kicks in. Wake at 5am and Rhys Tranter is there. RT is not like TV back in the day. Flicking in the early hours. RT’s there. Keep it close.”

— Russell Bennetts, editor of Berfrois.com

“One of my first ports of call over morning coffee. It is a stimulating, well-informed and thought-provoking resource, covering a wide range of cultural fields, artists and writers. In particular, anyone interested in Beckett’s work will be alerted to current events and publications, and introduced to gems from the past.”

— Dr Mark Nixon, Co-Director, Beckett International Foundation

“For the bearers of the modernist flame, Rhys Tranter’s website is an essential place to see what’s going on. He curates an excellent selection of material, and I’m always enriched by the writing I find there.”

— Scott Esposito, Editor, Quarterly Conversation

“One of the few websites I visit for a daily cultural jolt. Whether eyeing Beckett, Benjamin, Bernhard, Blanchot, or Bowie, Rhys Tranter is an original writer and an utterly trustworthy curator of both content and links. I go for the literary theory but often linger among the photographs and heartening esoterica. Far from a time-waste, though, this is a site that returns me to my work with new energy.”

— Elise Blackwell, author of An Unfinished Score and other novels

“One of the smartest and most interesting blogs discussing literary culture today. I first came for the brilliant coverage of Beckett, but I stayed for the consistently insightful, engaging coverage of all things cultural and philosophical.”

— Andy Hunter, Editor and Publisher, Electric Literature

“Rhys Tranter’s site is a sanctuary from the clamour of online life. Combining elegant design with an intelligent and inquisitive selection of the latest links in literature, criticism and philosophy, it provides a vital reminder—in our current culture of distraction—of what’s truly worth paying attention to. Long may it live on.”

— David Winters, author of Infinite Fictions

“For over five years, as editor of The Library of America’s blog and social media, I’ve referred continually to a select number of go-to blogs for literary commentary and critical inspiration. Among the best has been Rhys Tranter’s eclectic collection of observations on authors (from Fyodor Dostoevsky to Toni Morrison) and on subjects, including literature, art, philosophy, and music. The writing is always thoughtful, the research is impeccable—and now the website that hosts it all is absorbingly beautiful.”

— David Cloyce Smith, The Library of America

“Dropping the perfectly polished endlessly complex pebble of Samuel Beckett into the lake of intellectual life, specifically of literature and philosophy, Rhys Tranter’s beautiful and compendious website follows the ripples as they spread so they include Bolano, Benjamin, Bernhard, through Dostoevsky, Freud, Homer, Kierkegaard, Mansfield , Pynchon and through the alphabet of significance and time, possibly extending as far as Zizek. The site keeps up with events and new publications: it is deeply intelligent and is an eminent port of call for all readers.”

— George Szirtes, Poet and Translator

“Rhys Tranter manages to bring together into one elegant space some of the most engaging and stimulating thinking and writing on some of the world’s most stimulating thinkers and writers. And he does it with enthusiasm, skill and a great deal of style. Informative, entertaining, erudite, and often very beautiful.”

— Keith Ridgway, author of Animals and other novels

“RhysTranter.com is a monument.”

— Professor Neil Badmington, Professor of English Literature at Cardiff University

“Rhys Tranter provides an invaluable service in drawing our attention to the best writing in European and American philosophy, fiction, theory and criticism. Not only that, he presents it beautifully and with great clarity.”

— Stephen Mitchelmore, Britain’s First Book Blogger

“Rhys Tranter’s website is a formidable virtual library of philosophical literature. Meticulously-curated, it is an uncommonly profound corner in the noisy net, where one can do some serious thinking, discover vital voices & mine more deeply the modern masters.”

— Yahia Lababidi, Poet

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