One of Barbara Bray’s final English translations
Soazig Aaron, Refusal

Just picked up a copy of Soazig Aaron’s Holocaust novel, Refusal. Told with a sparseness and economy, the novel traces the return of a survivor to Paris in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War. Random House has the following description:

“This moving and profoundly truthful story is told in the form of diary, kept by Angélika, the sister-in-law and friend of Klara, who, after her release from Auschwitz, wandered through war-ravaged Europe for two months before returning to Paris in August 1945.Gradually, over a period of six weeks, Klara reveals, with cold anger and pitiless lucidity, the full horror of what she experienced in Auschwitz as she struggles to readapt to normal life.Not since Sophie’s Choice has a novelist succeeded in conveying – with truth, dignity, power and intelligence – the inhumanity of the death camps and the scars suffered by those who survived them.” [Read more]

The novel is also one of Barbara Bray’s final translations.

Through exclusive interviews and previously unseen photographs, a new documentary offers an intimate portrait of the relationship between translator Barbara Bray and Nobel Prize winner Samuel Beckett