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Women in Trousers: A Visual Archive 1850-1960

Free public exhibition at Cardiff University on 20 November 2017, 5.30pm


Women in Trousers: A Visual Archive, offers a gallery of images from 1850-1960 that together tells part of the story of women in trousers as a history of women’s social, political and cultural protest and change. From Joan of Arc to George Sand, Mary Edwards Walker to Marlene Dietrich and Colette to Coco Chanel, trouser-wearing women have been associated with transgressive acts of protest and play. Linked with periods of social and political upheaval, women’s liberation, radical thought, aesthetic innovation and erotic freedom, trouser-wearing women have historically represented an illegitimate assumption of male authority and power – of ‘wearing the trousers’ – that destabilises fixed notions of sexual difference and threatens the very fabric of the social order.”

Visit the Eventbrite page to book your free ticket.


Lauren Elkin on William Forsythe’s Conceptual Art

William Forsythe
William Forsythe

“Reading Julien Offray de la Mettrie’s L’Homme machine (Man a Machine, 1748), in 1978 the philosopher Karl Popper suggested that ‘there may be no clear distinction between living matter and dead matter’; that man ‘is a computer’. William Forsythe’s ‘Choreographic Objects’ puts this thesis to the test in the vaulted space of an aircraft hangar that houses Gagosian Le Bourget. What Forsythe calls ‘choreographic objects’ are the installations, films and sculptures that he’s been creating since 1989, which lie at the intersection of dance and the visual arts. Exploring choreography, technology and space, his work brings us closer to understanding our own bodies.”

— Lauren Elkin, Frieze

Art on a Postcard: Secret Auction 2017

Gemma Peppé
Gemma Peppé, founder of Art on a Postcard

In October last year I spoke to Gemma Peppé about her charity auction of anonymous artworks as part of the Art on a Postcard project—I also spoke to several of the participating artists. The event was a great success, and managed to raise over £75,000 for The Hepatitis C Trust.

This year’s Art on a Postcard auction will be held by Embank’s at Unit London, 4 Mercer’s Walk, WC2H 9FA on 16 November 2017, with contributions from Jeremy Deller, Maggie Hambling, Antony Micallef, Shezad Dawood, and Ben Eine. There will be over four hundred postcard-size works on display, and members of the public are welcome to bid in person or online. All items remain anonymous until the auction is complete and, as previously, proceeds from the event go towards the Hepatitis C Trust.

The Art on a Postcard website includes a complete list of the contributing artists, along with an online gallery of the works that will be on display.


Samuel Beckett and Technology

The Samuel Beckett Society has details of an upcoming conference exploring the role that technology plays in the writer’s work:

“In April 1981, having devoted considerable time to resolving the technicalities that surrounded his TV play Quad, Samuel Beckett confessed to Ruby Cohn: ‘Not long back from Stuttgart. Unsatisfactory. Television is beyond me.’ Frustrating as it may have been at times, technology held its fascination for Beckett and often became enmeshed with his work. It remained central for him, as it continues to be for researchers and practitioners engaging with his work today.”

The deadline for the call for papers is 15 January 2018. The conference will take place between 13-15 September 2018 at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague.