Stewart Lee Pays Tribute to Mark E. Smith and The Fall

Mark E. Smith

“Tributes to artists often end up being more about the person writing them, but MES provided me with an alternative education, looping me into Camus, and Arthur Machen, and William Blake, and Can, and dub and old garage punk and rock’n’roll. I saw the Fall 52 times and without MES my life would have been utterly different and nowhere near as much fun. What on earth are we all going to do with ourselves now?”

— Stewart Lee, The Guardian


  1. The very first time I’ve seen Stewart Lee intersect with the LitBlog sphere! Fittingly, a writer chum turned me on to Stewart (after which, nothing else seemed quite as funny). I never shared his high regard for MES (who started off as Rimbaud and ended up as the photo of Verlaine drinking absinthe in the cafe Francois 1er) but I get why MES was interesting in the beginning. The past few years seem to be an object lesson in which controlled substances kill you first…

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