1922: The Year That Transformed English Literature

“In his fresh account of four modernists, Bill Goldstein, a former editor of the books section of this newspaper’s website and an interviewer for NBC New York, does not tell this story. Instead The World Broke in Two chronicles Morgan (Forster), David (Lawrence), Tom (Eliot) and Virginia (Woolf) as they wage personal battle in tremendous earnest against blank sheets of paper to create important new works from the inner recesses of their genius. Goldstein offers a snapshot history of their careers in deference to the American now, embracing not only the chatty familiarity of first names but also, and more significant, the biographical details of authorship that most 21st-century interest in literature seems to depend upon.”

Eric Bennett, The New York Times

  1. Sounds interesting – shall check it out. And what a gorgeous image of Woolf!

    • I haven’t seen it yet myself, but had the same thoughts! Sounds interesting – and I’ve never seen that photograph of Woolf before.

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