Patti Smith on Sam Shepard’s love of Beckett


“In the winter of 2012, we met up in Dublin, where he received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Trinity College. He was often embarrassed by accolades but embraced this one, coming from the same institution where Samuel Beckett walked and studied. He loved Beckett, and had a few pieces of writing, in Beckett’s own hand, framed in the kitchen, along with pictures of his kids. That day, we saw the typewriter of John Millington Synge and James Joyce’s spectacles, and, in the night, we joined musicians at Sam’s favorite local pub, the Cobblestone, on the other side of the river. As we playfully staggered across the bridge, he recited reams of Beckett off the top of his head”

Source: My Buddy: Patti Smith Remembers Sam Shepard | The New Yorker


  1. Thanks for sharing this and also for linking to the piece – I wondered what Patti would have to say about the loss of Shepard.

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