Artist Sarah Crowner on walking and inspiration

I spent some time this morning reading Elizabeth Karp-Evans’ (Guernica) refreshing conversation with contemporary artist Sarah Crowner. When asked about the abstract curved and geometrical patterns that recur in her painting, Crowner cites her long walks in the Californian countryside as a key inspiration. The artist also discusses how she came to pursue her vocation as an artist, and how she perceives art as an active method of thinking and reflection.

The Brooklyn studio of artist Sarah Crowner.

On the use of patterns

“Living in Santa Cruz, the Bay Area, and Oregon, I was always taking hikes and going on a lot of solitary walks. I didn’t make this connection until recently, but I think the forms, colors, and beauty in nature that I experienced are suddenly coming up in my work now. Back then, we didn’t have iPhones—there was a lot of wandering around just looking at things. I think that time was a real gift.”

On art as a form of thinking

“For me, being an artist is about doing. Of course there is also thinking, reflecting, contextualizing. But for me, thinking is doing. It is a way of understanding through making. It is also a solitary act, even though you may have assistance sometimes. You have to go into your studio and spend a lot of time by yourself, and be okay with that.”

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