“Why I love… Zadie Smith”


Bim Adewunmi shares her admiration for the British novelist and essayist:

“Smith, now 40, is a confidently quiet writer – sly and witty and acid sharp – who always draws a world that looks like the real one; it’s a welcome skill set in the often monochrome world of UK publishing. Away from long-form, Smith also writes short stories, interviews and journalism (I urge you to read her warm profile of comedians Key and Peele). But it’s her essays – covering ground from familial loss to comedy, advertising and city living – that I love the best. She’s smart, and she doesn’t hide it.”

More at The Guardian.




  1. As far as urging someone to read something . . . Zadie Smith also has an excellent essay, from a couple years back, that ran in The New York Review of Books, which was called “Elegy for a Country’s Seasons,” and talks about climate change in such an elegant and literate way, I was instantly hooked. Unfortunately, the essay appears to be behind a paywall at the NYRB site right now, but I heartily suggest that those interested in literary fiction, climate change, witty prose, and/or Smith’s work try to get their hands on it.

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