CFP: Edinburgh Companion to Literature and Art History

Call for submissions to a forthcoming edited collection

About the Proposed Collection

This landmark Companion aims to define the academic field of literature and art history. It is the first volume of its kind to comprehensively survey, question, and attempt to organize, interdisciplinary research across these richly inter-related arts. The book is aimed at literature and art history students, as well as at academics and practitioners, who are interested in mapping out intersections between literature, the visual arts, and their respective academic disciplines.

The editor is seeking twenty to thirty newly commissioned chapters on any literary or art historical era. Proposed chapters should identify and delineate substantive connections between literary works, styles, authors, or movements and specific art works, styles, artists, or movements.

The critical focus of a successful chapter will be on helping the reader to identify and appreciate meaningful points of intercreativity between a) literature and the arts and b) literary or critical theory and art history. Authors will be asked to self-consciously model methodologies of writing about the creative and cultural intersections between literature and art, as well as reflect on their use of art historical concepts and literary or critical theories. Proposals are invited for 7000wd chapters on all historical eras and cultural traditions from medieval and early modern to contemporary and postmodern, and on all artistic and literary styles from realism to the avant-garde.

Possible Topics

Topics might include, but are not limited to:

  • illuminated manuscripts
  • ‘ut pictura poesis’
  • ekphrasis
  • narrative painting
  • Chaucer and the visual
  • the writer-artist (i.e. Blake, Lear)
  • Victorian book illustration
  • the print explosion
  • Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites
  • literary Impressionism
  • literary expressionism
  • Surrealist poetics
  • the Cubist novel
  • the Bloomsbury group
  • satirical cartoons
  • graphic novels.


If you are interested in contributing to this timely volume, please send a 300wd proposal by email (no attachments please) by 1 September 2016 to:

Thanks to Gregory Tate for the link.


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