A Five-Point Guide to Stanley Kubrick’s Films

AnOther introduces Kubrick to beginners, anticipating an upcoming art exhibition celebrating the director’s films

When Stanley Kubrick paired soaring Beethoven with depraved violence in A Clockwork Orange (1971), audiences were shocked. He was behind so many innovations in cinema that “Kubrickian” has become a shorthand adjective for touches inspired by him, from anachronistic music to the fluid camerawork he favoured. Homages and parodies of iconic scenes in his films are endless, and directors from David Lynch to Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese and George A. Romero sing his praises. His legacy continues. An immersive new exhibition at London’s Somerset House titled Daydreaming With Stanley Kubrickshows soundtracked installations inspired by the auteur from musicians and artists such as James Lavelle, Marc Quinn and Sarah Lucas. Brush up on his film oeuvre before the doors open with our digestible guide to the director. [Read More]

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  1. “For some scenes of period drama Barry Lyndon – a wonder of cinematography using authentic candlelight – Jack Nicholson is said to have weathered as many as 60 re-tries.”

    After the 60th try, apparently, Kubrick replaced Jack with Ryan O’Neal! Laugh


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