Sunday Links

A collection of essays, reviews, links, and images

Miles Davis on Expression • Did you know that Vladimir Nabokov was a butterfly expert? • Richard Bravery on Book Cover Design • Paul Auster on Identity and Urban Spaces • Winners of the 2016 Whiting Awards • Tips for Archival Research • Will Twin Peaks Reboot Hit Movie Theatres? • Hogarth Press: Founded 99 Years Ago this week • The Mystery of Primo Levi • Graham Greene: Writing is Therapy • Paul Auster on Writing Habits & Influences The Letters of William Gaddis • The Mina Loy Mysteries • The Poetic Riddle of Clarice Lispector

Wim Wenders in Texas • J.G. Ballard on the Disneyfication of Museums • A lifetime working with Louise Bourgeois • Harshest Author Insults • Clarice Lispector on Simplicity • Philip Roth on rereading Portnoy’s Complaint • World Poetry Day 2016 • Is Kirsten Dunst adapting The Bell Jar? • Philip Roth on Reading and Teaching • Carson McCullers on Homesickness • Gordon Lish on Writing and Teaching • Brian Eno on Art as a Safe Space • Cover Designs: Georges Simenon’s Inspector Maigret novels • Lisa Simpson: A Fan of Gravity’s Rainbow • Follow Modern American Literature on Facebook

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