Thomas Bernhard’s Early Poems Translated

A new collection, published in English for the first time
Thomas Bernhard,On Earth and In Hell: Early Poems
Thomas Bernhard, On Earth and in Hell: Early Poems

From Three Rooms Press:

November 13 marks the release date of one of our proudest moments here at Three Rooms Press: the release of the first English translation ever of world-renowned Austrian author Thomas Bernhard’s first book, On Earth and in Hell, early poems, translated from the German by the remarkable Vienna-based poet Peter Waugh.

The book caught the attention of famed poet Edward Hirsch, who raves, “These hard won-poems, these furious convulsions, by turns savage and tender, mark the beginning of Thomas Bernhard’s true work, his first startling blows. It is deeply illuminating to have them so wonderfully translated into English.”

National Book Award Winner Jaimy Gordon (Lord of Misrule) was likewise impressed. In her introduction, she writes, “In these poems, written in Bernhard’s mid-twenties . . . all the matter of the subsequent malicious laughter is there—the self-splitting disgust and nostalgia, the hyperbolic despair, the failed (desired but also scorned) glory, the juxtaposition of village idyll and doom, of scathing superiority and terminal degradation, of sex and nauseated frailty and exhaustion.”

Official release date is November 10. But you can purchase your copy now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powells Books, or your favorite Indie retailer. And if you’re in the New York area, be sure to join 3RP Thursday, November 12, for the official launch event at Cornelia Street Cafe, featuring reading by Dale Peck, Lisa Dierbeck, Joshua Furst, Sophie Malleret, Choire Sicha, and hosts Kat Georges and Peter Carlaftes. [Read More]

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