Walter Asmus on The Art of Beckett

The Jocelyn Herbert Lecture
Walter Asmus: ‘The Art of Beckett’
Monday 29 June, 6-6.45pm, Lyttleton, National Theatre
Tickets: £4 (£3 concessions)

Walter Asmus. 2004 © The E.W. Scripps Co.
Walter Asmus. 2004 © The E.W. Scripps Co.

Samuel Beckett named the designer Jocelyn Herbert “my closest friend in England” and they worked together many times. The distinguished German director Walter Asmus will speak of his own renowned working relationship with Beckett, which began in the Schiller Theatre in Berlin in 1974 and led to their collaborations on productions in Europe and America. Asmus worked as an assistant director to Samuel Beckett on a total of nine shows and television productions between 1975 and 1986, and he has directed all of Samuel Beckett’s plays in productions that have toured the world.

Given Jocelyn Herbert’s close working relationship and deep friendship with Beckett, Asmus is a particularly appropriate lecturer.

The lecture is one of a series of ten in memory of Jocelyn Herbert and with the aim of creating a ‘conversation’ among professionals and theatre goers on the often neglected subject of design.  Previous lecturers have been Richard Eyre, ULTZ and Christopher Hampton. [Read More]


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