New Publication Series: Samuel Beckett in Company

Introducing a new series of publications from Ibidem
Samuel Beckett
Samuel Beckett

Samuel Beckett in Company is a new series from Ibidem that seeks to place Beckett within an array of contexts – literary, historical, geographical, philosophical, theoretical and institutional – yet with the overarching rationale of tracing the relations of which Beckett is the centre.

Through a career that spanned prose, poetry, theatre, literary criticism, radio, film and television over a period of some 60 years, Beckett was influenced by, negotiated with, and then came to influence, a host of artists (both literary and non-literary), media and their associated institutions. By placing Beckett at the centre of such relations, the series aims to trace influences on Beckett, but also to investigate how he influenced subsequent artists, movements, media and institutions. Submissions that focus on new or previously neglected relations are particularly welcome.

The series will comprise of monographs and collections of essays. Some suggested themes may include, but are by no means restricted to:

  • The role of relation/non-relation in Beckett’s oeuvre.
  • Discrete bi-author studies (e.g. “Beckett and Coetzee”, “Beckett and Sade”) or Beckett’s relation to a literary genre or movement (such as the Big House novel, the Gothic, the Bildungsroman).
  • Beckett, the social and the political.
  • Beckett’s relations with other artistic forms, such as music and the visual arts.
  • Beckett’s role within the development of literature, radio, television, film and drama (in terms of individual countries, or internationally).
  • Beckett’s relation with institutions (e.g. Beckett and the BBC, Beckett and RTE, Beckett and transition, Beckett and his publishers).
  • Beckett’s relations to literary and non-literary movements, philosophies or theories. (such as Beckett and Neuroscience, Beckett and Psychoanalysis. Beckett’s influence on Post-modern philosophy and theory. Beckett and Academia)
  • Adaptations and appropriations of Beckett’s works.
  • Beckett’s place in a globalised, digitised age.

Series Editor: Paul Stewart, University of Nicosia.


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